The Family History of Janet Lovesey


This website is dedicated to my late great dad - Stephen Leonard Lovesey 26th December 1938 - 15th June 2011 who devoured the morsels of intrigue and revelled in the closetted skeletons that we found when delving into our family's past

My Family ~ from Birmingham & Beyond

This concise history is merely a snapshot of my family spanning the last 200 years.  Whilst I am a Lovesey and proud of it, I have also included details of the lineage of all four of my beloved late grandparents as it is surely their quirks and foibles, strengths and weaknesses that live on in me.  Going back several generations in modern time, all information gleaned about one’s ancestors is speculative to say the least, but I have tried to be true to them... and to myself.  

This family history therefore, aims to put flesh on the bones of my Paternal side ~ the Lovesey family of Worcestershire, Warwickshire,  Wiltshire and Gloucestershire and the Hickey family from Cork in Ireland; and of course my Maternal side who hail from the West and North Ridings of Yorkshire ~ the Hymas and Warrior families. 

My branch of  Lovesey's have for the last century lived in the sunny south-west side of Birmingham, making that short transition from the Worcestershire countryside around the Vale of Evesham around 1899.  The Hickey's have been in Brum even longer,   leaving (so legend has it) farmland in the County of Cork at some point before the mid 1850s...  the Cannon's (maternal Hickey ascendants) left Ireland at some point before the late 1820s.   The Hymas family are relative newcomers, venturing in 1959 to Kings Norton in Birmingham from the beautiful, picturesque village of Bishop Monkton in the West Riding of Yorkshire.  The Warrior's also, had for centuries lived in the North Riding in and around the villages of Nosterfield and West Tanfield, many dispersing to other villages in the Ridings. This short history hopes to explore the lives of my direct ascendants and the journeys that led them to eventually settle here.

A Personal Project ~ 'The Cotteridge'

I have also included on this website, census transcriptions (ongoing) for parts of Cotteridge and Stirchley which were for centuries, villages in Worcestershire but are now districts in the south-west of Birmingham.  This section includes a personal exploration into some of the long-standing families who over several generations have lived in or around Stirchley and Cotteridge, with particular emphasis on families from Frances Road.

Above Left-Right...    Little bro' and me c.1967;   My dad letting me ride 'Mackey' the Airedale in the back yard c.1963;  Outside the front of 'No.44' with my Mom and my Auntie Kate (Great Aunt Catherine Lavinia Hickey)  c.1965

4 Generation Tree


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